Favorite Pokémon

I have a bunch of favorites. Also I need to figure out how to make tables, and this is an easy idea.

Name Type(s) Sprite or Model Why do I like them?
Quagsire Water/Ground Quagsire is immensly based. All hail Quag. Also, it's adorable.
Finneon Water Forgotten to an almost comical degree, can possibly softlock you, and is just really adorable for a fish. Also phased SEVEN times for it in Violet before the DLC before getting one (outbreaks didn't spawn in Paldea and were bugged), and then as soon as I get to Blueberry Academy I get one at random in a Union Circle and had to Master Ball it. 10/10 best mon ever.
Sigilyph Psychic/Flying It's legitimately a pot with an eye and wings. Thank you Game Freak for another banger design for a weird bird.
place holder deez nutss
place holder deez nutss

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